Another race weekend…another storm brewing, this time #stormjorge

PFi was wet, sunny, windy and it even tried to snow,. This weekend was going to be all about setup!

Saturday practice looked really good for the Junior (Honda’s) and Senior (Junior & min X30) drivers, dealing well with the weather and looking strong on track.


Qualifying results:

Group A

Lewis P1
Alex P3
Devon P6
Oliver P12
Max P13
Noah P21
Leo P22

Group B

Connor P1
Leon P9

Heat 1 saw Lewis cross the line in P1! Connor led most of the race, but a last lap, last corner incident saw him the wrong way on the circuit. Aras, Max, Leon all did well and new boy Noah improved every lap

Heat 2 – Lewis took a P2 with a controlled drive, showing how he matured and improved over the last few months. Oliver jumped from P16 to P6 with an amazing drive.

Heat 3 – Connor started P1 and won again! Awesome drive and showing everyone why he’s one of the favourites this year for the Nationals!

Finals – Lewis had an outstanding race from P5 on the grid. His move in the last couple of corners was sublime to take the WIN! Devon starting P13 impressed finishing in P7, Oliver drove another strong drive from P19 on the grid to finish P13. Alas Connor had to retire from the lead of the race with a mechanical issue, otherwise we’re sure there would have been a 1 – 2 for the team!

Congratulation to Lewis on another win for himself and the team! The rest of you are improving so well. The results speak for themselves!!! MEGA weekend! Well done guys!

Senior Team


(JuniorX30) Josh Agambar took P20 in class (P39 of 64 overall) after being pushed off the track and getting a drop down. He certainly had the speed and were sure that he would have been inside the top 20. (MiniX30) Wes and Patchy have really come on this weekend, taking P9 and P11 in the Mini X30 class.

Heat 1 (JX30) Josh A started sprightly, had a few tussles, dropping a few places, but came back through and finished P18. (MX30) Wes started P9, crossing in P11 and Patchy started P11, crossing in P12.

Heat 2 (JX30) Josh A started well, really well. Alas an incident into the first corner saw Josh pushed off the circuit, spin 360 degrees and hit the barriers (thankfully just before the bridge wall!) He managed to continue and crossed the line P30. We’re just pleased that he was ok! (MX30) Wes start P9, went down a few places and then came back through to finish P9. Patchy started P11, went up to P8,  tried a move, that didn’t work out and finished P11.

Final (JX30) Josh A started P18 and things finally went well! He certainly got ‘stuck in’ and crossed the line in P11. It was a good solid effort! (MX30) Wes started P11 and after a downpour earlier decided to stay on wets. Things were shaping up nicely and Wes had moved up to 7th. Alas the track dried out and he started to struggle for pace. An incident near the end of the final meant he crossed the line P17. Patchy selected slicks and started P12. In the first couple of laps he caught some puddles and struggled to keep the kart on track, dropping to P19. With the track drying up Patchy started cutting through and was up to P14 when a mechanical saw him retire from the race. We’re sure he would have made it higher.

The Senior boys have come on so, so well this weekend. The results really don’t do them justice. They have improved all weekend and we’re taking away so many positives. Boys you did yourselves proud!