Our final weekend of racing for 2019 and another damp Saturday testing at Whilton Mill for the annual BKC Winter Cup.

Saturday testing went well, really well, even with the glorious British weather making us all cold, damp and soggy!

Thankfully Sunday was SUNNY… in NOVEMBER!

Well, SFR walked it! Heat 1 was dominated by Connor, who led Timo by 3 seconds taking a 1-2 for SFR.
Heat 2 was a complete top FIVE lock out by the team,
P1 Devon
P2 Connor,
P3 Ralph,
P4 Oliver
P5 Timo

showing that the team really opened a can of ‘whoppass’

Pre-Final and the boys locked out the top FIVE positions again!
P1 Timo
P2 Devon
P3 Connor
P4 Ralph
P5 Oliver
Nice to see the boys obliterating the opposition and showing that any of our boys can win!

The final saw SFR win AGAIN, taking four of the five trophies which were up for grabs!
P1 Timo
P2 Connor
P4 Ralph
P5 Devon
P31 Oliver – due to an unfortunate incident on the first lap.

Noah and Harley were awesome all weekend showing amazing pace for kids so young.
Heat 1 Saw Noah win by the tiniest of margins… ELEVEN seconds! Harley made it a 1 – 3 !
Heat 2 and Noah won again, this time it was much closer, with Noah coming out victorious again!
Heat 3 and this time Harley was up. He crossed the line in P3 and took the fastest lap on route
Final saw Noah on pole and Harley in 4th. Alas Noah has technical issues and dropped to 8th, but Harley had a stonker and crossed the line in P3!

Noah also competed in the Bambino Iame class, which is some going for a lad so young!
Heat 1 – Noah romped it by five seconds and fastest lap on route
Heat 2 – Had a tough time cutting through the traffic, but a respectable fifth place
Pre-Final – Noah storms to the win again, leading 2nd by over SEVEN seconds and taking fastest lap again!
Final – Start to finish win for Noah and crossed the line three seconds ahead of the pack
Outstanding driving Noah!

So our final race of the year and the boys have done exceptionally well. Showing that all our drivers are capable of winning and being at the front.

Well done guys, you’ve been EPIC all year. Let’s carry on in 2020!