Patchy and Vinny’s first outing…

With Patchy being the first of our Honda Cadet drivers to move up to the Senior team of SFR/Hines and Vinny joining a few weeks ago, both were having their first race weekend in Mini X30.

Neither having been to Whilton in X30 or in the wet so we knew they’d have a tough weekend. The lads were outstanding on Saturday practice in wet conditions, the boys listened and improved every session.

Vinny – Finished heats 1 & 2 in 12th position. He was really unlucky as his pace was awesome and deserved so much more, but a couple of tangles effected the results. Heat 3 Vinny cut through the pack taking P4, that’s more like the Vinny we know! Alas an oiled up plug prevented him from competing in the final, which was a shame as he would have shown everyone the pace of his RS Kart!

Patchy… WOW, what a weekend. Finished P6 in heat 1, P8 (from LAST) in heat 2 was MEGA. Heat 3 saw him on pole, having never done a rolling start until this weekend and then leading the pack just shows how well the SFR/Hines team have coached him. Leading most of the race, but ending up P2 by the narrowest of margins. For the final – P5! What a way to show the rest of the class that the RS Kart is bang on pace!

Got to mention Wesley Swain too, spent Friday and Saturday testing his new RS Kart Mini X30. Looked bang on pace and is getting some practice in so he’s ready for 2020!

Well done this weekend boys, you were awesome. Lets go and grab some more silverware!!!