This weekend saw James enter the 3rd round of the Whilton Mill Championship.

Over the last few months James has been progressing through the field with much stronger results. but technical issues have been our downfall, with this behind us and some new RPM power this week was set to bring great results.

A challenging test day due to set up issues it wasn’t until the last session the team had got it right, with some promising lap times.

Race day was pre-determined grids, 23rd,4th and 21st for the heats.

Heat 1 – James powered through the grid making up 10 places to cross the line in 13th place, however, this was not to be the final result due to getting brake checked on the in lap resulting in a drop down bumper and penalty, final result was 25th place. this meant more work in the other heats to secure a place in the A final.

Heat 2 – James was starting in 4th place, some great pace saw us keep this place throughout the heat and managing to catch the leading pack of 3 with 5 laps to go, An incident brought the full course yellow out meaning a last lap dash to the finish almost taking 3rd from Mitchell Gibbons, A solid result for James in 4th place

Heat 3 – starting in 21st, a good start making his way up to 15th, but James got caught up in an incident on lap 5 putting him to the back of the grid. A strong drive in the last part of the race gained him 9 places to finish 25th, Just enough to get 25th on the grid for the final.

FINAL – this was full of dramas, starting in 25th we knew it was going to be tough getting through the back end of the field, James pushed on and was up to 18th within a few laps, only to find himself in a tough battle with another driver resulting in a spin, which put him to the back, with no time to grab anything back James finished in last place, but with penalties jumped to 25th place.

A challenging weekend for James, but both James and the team have learnt a lot, and with good pace we know better result ore only a short time away.

Well Done James!