Great weekend at the first ever @ourmotorsportuk  for Round 1 of the British Rotax Championship race meeting.

Having Charlie Whaley in the driving seat was always going to be good

Having not done huge amount of laps round PFI it was always going to tough especially with the vast amount of talent on the grid. We started Saturday morning off the pace in practice and struggled to put a lap together in qualifying. This resulted in p25 overall (NOT WERE WE WANTED TO BE ). This meant the rest of the weekend was going to be tough.

Heat 1 – started p17 after a lot of battling and the kart was not handling too well we finished p16?!?! That night we stripped the kart to prep for Sunday morning. The SFR team put the kart on our flat table to find the chassis was 6mm out (THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!)

Heat 2 – Sunday morning Charlie started p17, ended up finishing p9! With still a bit of work to do on setup we were finally moving in right direction!

Pre-Final – Charlie started p21 for the pre-final, feeling positive he battled he way though to p14 EXCELLENT

Final 2 – Started p14 and finished p11, which was a good result considering how the weekend had started.

The event was run brilliantly and we are really excited to continue in the National Championships in Rotax

#dontgiveup @ PF International Kart Circuit